Thursday, June 12, 2014

30 Days of Creativity - Days 8 & 9 - June 8 - 9 - Ways to be creative

A continuing journey of daily creativity.....

Usually while I am stuck in bed, I'm on Pinterest looking for inspiration.  Oh sure, there are lots of recipes, hair and makeup tutorials and wedding planning, but there are tooooons of papercrafting ideas on there too!!!

I cam across a pin that was a graphic - 40 Ways to Be Creative (from  So here are a couple of ways this graphic suggests to be creative.  It is universal to all mediums.

  1. Create an Inspiration board.   
  2. Get out more.
  3. Sketch more.
Those are only the first three.  Well heck, I already do two out of the three.  My inspiration board is my Pinterest pins.  I have a card folder, Christmas card folders, Disney layouts, sketches, etc.   And I've already posted my layout sketches from my notebook. 

And with that being said, here are a couple of sketches for my Days 8&9:

Sorry, I don't think they scanned all that well.  They are for my next set of calendars to make. 

Hope these little daily items are helping you or at least pointing you in a good direction.

Thanks for checking in.

Have a creative day!


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