Thursday, June 12, 2014

30 Days of Creativity - Day 12 - June 12 - Pulling and cutting

A continuing journey of daily creativity....

Whooo hooo!!!!  Caught up!!!  Yeah!!!!

I know, I get excited by the littlest things but for me, it's kinda big!

Today, I caught up on by blog entries and pulled my materials for June's calendar pages. 

Nothing really to show but here's a pic:

Please excuse the mess on the desk too! 

Here are a few more of the 40 Ways to Be Creative (

4.  Experiment
5.  Socialize
6.  Keep up with trends

Ok, how many of these do you do?  I'm sad to say, I don't experiment much.  I see everyone's step cards and pop up cards and it just terrifies me to try those.  I'm not mechanically inclined and am so intimidated.  But I will be able to do it one day.  I know I can. 

I love to socialize with the ladies on the my scrapbook/papercrafting group.  They are so fun!

And I keep up with the trends on Facebook and Pinterest.  Right now I see a lot of washi tape, layouts using scraps and the color combo of yellow and gray.  Oh and anything chevron!

I'm off to go and try and work on my May pages and get those finished this evening.

Have a creative day!

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