Sunday, February 5, 2012

Re-organizing ribbon pieces

It seems like all I ever do in my scrap room is re-organize. I wonder if it has some kind of psychiatric term form it; you know like OCD. My newest task is my ribbon pieces. Most of it is in bags, bins and such. So I thought that if its out in the open, I would use it more. I had a thought. This is what I did. I got all of my baggies, bins, boxes etc where all of my ribbon and trims are kept. I separated my ribbon, fibers and lace/trims. This task is just for the ribbon for now. I have tons of the coated paperclips and 1 1/2 binder rings. I tied the ends of the ribbon to the paperclip. Then took the like-colored ribbons and placed the paper clips on the binder rings. I purchased some stick mount hooks ($1 for 8) and mounted them on the corner of my shelves. Viola! I've cleared up just about a whole shelf on my unit and it puts my ribbons out in the open to use!

Here are some before and after pics:

Now, my only dilemma is how to organize the pieces of patterned/multi-colored pieces of ribbons. Leave me a comment on how you organize yours!

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Linda W. said...

Awesome idea Mel. I've been rethinking about organizing ribbon too. I have one of those vinyl bags with the holes in but it's now underorganized! I have photo boxes in the ROYGBIV format - and I think I will just throw away the fibers from them and rewind the ribbons on better cards. I saw 2 that Allie did and like them. Now I need to hire help. :) Great idea Mel!

Allie Gower said...

I moved all my ribbon to a four drawer tower and one basket. It's not organized very well.
I have the drawers divided by style or manufacturer.

I love your way - super fun!

shirl said...

Mel I love this idea I now have to go through a small tool bag to look for colors or patterns this would make it so much easier, thanks for such a cool idea. Oh I am going to do this also with my patterned!

Teresa said...

Ohhhh....drool! Its an awesome idea! I might have to steal that idea for my room..I have a pegboard with ribbon on pegs..but I hardly ever use them because like you say...if you can't see them then you don't use them. Love your idea!!